Modern Firearms

A little word to the Screenshots on this page:
I made the screenshots in my heavily modded Fallout 4. So they show not only things from Modern Firearms, they may also show parts off other mods. Parts of armors shown on the screens are NOT from Modern Firearms!!! And we don't clame any ownership on them and they are NOT distributed by our mod!! 

I want to credit ALL the authors and their work, which leaded to the screenshots. The screenshots are showing ingamefootage of MY modded Fallout 4. So don't jump on conclusions, if you can identify a part of another mod. 

Thank You and best regards
Dark Heart aka Looter
Modern Firearms
 What is Modern Firearms?
Modern Firearms is a Modification for Fallout 4.
I know! But what does it do?
Modern Firearms adds a bunch of weapons to Fallout 4.
 Only Weapons? So it's only another Weaponmod?
 It gives you a great number of weapons with many attachements that are FUCTIONAL! So you can switch to a grenadelauncher and back!
That's nice! But is there something beside weapons?
 In the new Version, there are some good looking Armors in it! And tactical Equipment!
Claire with Tactical Vest, Arm & Leg Armore, Tactical Holster and an AS50. The Cloth and the Beret are NOT from Modern Firearms!
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